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28/9/2020 Collaboration with Cisco International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills

We are pleased to announce CityLab's partnership with Cisco International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills as a Digital Skills Partner (STEM and Robotics Laboratories).

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The International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills was established in June 2020 by Cisco in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Ministry of Development and Investment, under the auspices of the Prime Minister's Office in Thessaloniki.

Its purpose is to enhance innovation, accelerate digital transformation, enhance digital skills and promote digital culture.

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In our laboratories with collaborative activities we design, build and program robots and other electromechanical constructions, in order to solve real problems from the real world. Having a vehicle and a goal our works and constructions, we discover in depth Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) while at the same time we develop our creative intelligence as we transform from users to creators.

Finally, along the way, we acquire all the skills that will help us to respond properly to the evolving needs of tomorrow.

See more about DT&S at  https://www.cisco.com/go/dts and plan your visit.

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We are waiting for you!!!

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7/3/2020: Visit to the University Observatory


An amazing night for our students and their parents: Astronomical observation from the telescope of the University Observatory of Athens. Dr. Kosmas Gazeas, lecturer in Observational Astrophysics at the University of Athens and his excellent team, guided us (Saturday, March 7, 2020) in the night sky.

SKY AST w700 IMG 20200307 210956 3472 x 2607

Then, in an extremely interesting interactive talk, we explored
- the contribution of telescopes to the greatest discoveries in modern astrophysics, such as the expansion of the universe, the structure of galaxies and the discoveries of extrasolar systems
- how the state-of-the-art robotic and automated telescopes in the world are used to look at the sky through different areas of the electromagnetic spectrum and create a complete picture of the universe.
- What does the construction of a modern telescope involve, how are the world's largest optical telescopes designed and what is the difference between them and space telescopes?
- what awaits us in the future in the field of modern Observational Astrophysics and Optical Organology!

TELE AST w700 IMG 20200307 195223 3264 x 2448

CLASS AST w700 IMG 20200307 211601 4063 x 3051

We were all excited and one step closer to mastering exactly how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are used to interpret the world around us ...


5 APR - 2nd Robotics Festival 2020

Our Festival is a celebration of creation and entertainment and includes a Competition and Exhibition Department, for children 5 to 16 years old. 
The event will take place at the indoor stadium of Alimos, on Sunday 5/4/2020 at 12:00 and is under the auspices of the Municipality of Alimos.
/ * The event will be rescheduled - announcements here * /

In the Competition Section the teams
- learn for the first time on the spot what they will create but also how they will be evaluated
- they implement proven 100% of their own creations, without ready-made solutions (accessories are given completely disassembled and the pc / tablets are not theirs)
- they do not receive help from anywhere (coaches, judges, parents, volunteers, internet) except one team from the other if they wish
- create (from scratch) constructions directly connected with concepts of physics, mathematics and computational thinking

In the Exhibition Department , the groups exhibit any topic they wish with projects from our workshops!

Our constructions include Robotics, Mechanical / Electrical / Software Engineering on platforms such as Lego Education (Machines, WeDO, EV3), Arduino, Scratch, Python, C, Virtual Reality, Mobile Programming, but also Financial Engineering.

Teams present their creations and are evaluated not only in their projects but also in skills such as creativity, interpersonal relationships and the ability to solve original problems - that is, in what robots will never achieve !!!

Admission is free for the public - we are waiting for you, young and old, to see how children, when creating, have fun!

Robots in the Automotive Industry - Meeting / Presentation 23/11/19

SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2019, 18:00, at CityLab - Open presentation, for children (... and parents) !!!  Inos
hellas  http://inoshellas.inos-automation.de/ and CityLab invite you to an introductory meeting with the world of robotics and mechanical vision, where inos employees will present with practical examples:
- the technologies it develops the company and how they are utilized in REAL APPLICATIONS in the automotive industry

Read more: Robots in the Automotive Industry - Meeting / Presentation 23/11/19

[Educational] Robotics Workshops for Teachers: the STEM Skill

- The training lasts 12 hours - the cost is € 200.
- Secure your place at or at 2 110 130 140.   

Schedule of next Laboratories 
- MON 29 JUNE, TU 30 JUNE and WED 01 JULY, daily 16:00 - 20:00

Dear Teacher. Educational Robotics is the present. You teach it!
Come to CityLab, an organization that since 2014 deals fully and exclusively with STEM, to show you how.

We know the need of the Educational community in the modern era to be informed and trained properly and validly for the teaching of Robotics.

Read more: [Educational] Robotics Workshops for Teachers: the STEM Skill

Robotics in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics UoC

We invite you to register for the Mathematical Escape 2019 at the 2nd Summer School of Mathematics of Crete  in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics PK .  
The  City Lab  undertakes with joy and honor, the responsibility to lead students on a creative and exciting journey in each of the fields of STEM with Robotics as a vehicle! 

The  2nd Summer School Mathematics Crete  organized by  seminary Theoretical Mathematics  of  Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics  will take place from  the 2 to 5 July 2019  at the premises of the University of Crete  in Heraklion.

/ * update with a few photos and comments from children from the event * /
- "Great experience"  
- "... and why should we leave now?"
- "what we had in mind we made the robot do"
- "I want to make it do other things and I understood how"
- "we will miss you" / * mutual !!! * /


20190703 095029 3361 x 1759 700


20190703 143130 3056 x 1599 700

20190704 095230 3118 x 1632 700

20190704 123614 3244 x 1697 700

1st Robotics Festival

On 19/05/2019 we organized the first Robotics Festival at CityLab with two separate sections.
In the Competition Department the teams learned for the first time and on the spot what they will build, while in the Exhibition Department they learned the general theme and freely constructed their works. The topics were all original and the characteristics were given as in any real electromechanical project with a clear theme, project, study, platform, control, description, specifications, instructions, technical remarks, scoring criteria, etc. After all, children could not expect anything more than the "Real World Robotics" we tell them when our workshops start.

See snapshots from the event here (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2267308983533904) as well as in the photos that follow.
Thank you all for participating.

The medals ...
20190519 114536 4032 x 1960 700w

20190519 100410 4032 x 1960 700w 2

Teams create
DSC06767 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06782 700w 2

Volunteers help ...

DSC06789 5456 x 3632 700w


Contestants Create While Having Fun :-)

DSC06800 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06865 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06840 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06897 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06808 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06823 5456 x 3632 700w

e20190520 123429 3 4032 x 1960 700w

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Thank you!
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