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Message for Children

Our little friend, the next challenge awaits you: you will work in groups, with children who have similar interests to you, in a place of knowledge and creation.

You will build machines, you will design robots, you will build them, you will program them together with your team - and you will see them come to life in front of you and do what you designed them to do.

Welcome to CityLab.

Here we give you instructions, opportunities for exploration and competition with a method and different programs from the ones you have encountered anywhere so far. You train, you solve problems, you cultivate your creativity, and you work in groups with a common goal, without limiting your way of thinking in a place that "you will not want to leave".

You probably do not "know" Robotics or Engineering

It does not matter, you will start with the basics, your team and the presenters of the workshops will help you. In the process you will gain knowledge, skills and a new hobby initially (and with 50% probability, your future profession!).

With the guidance of our instructors, you will learn from each other and together you will put into practice everything you learn in school, realizing for themselves that Mathematics and Engineering are anything but "boring and boring" and in fact that "so they are easy "and" they are interesting "!

These definitely seem "abstract" to you now. You will see them in practice, when you see the robot of your team doing in front of you what you have planned yourself, better, faster and "smarter" than the next team (... which of course will want to surpass you, but you you will improve it, and they will…).

Nothing else! It's time to transform from user to creator!

'A! Before we close our communication we would like to tell you the following: it is very possible "when you grow up" to "do a job" that today may not even exist! Not only that, but you will definitely need new skills and a deep understanding of the knowledge you gain at your school - these, at CityLab, not only do we offer you from day one, but the fun way we do it will be unforgettable.

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